7.3 Powerstroke Performance Parts

7.3 Powerstroke Performance Parts Upgrades

The 7.3 Powerstroke is considered by many to be the best Ford diesel engine ever made.

Ford 7.3 OEM engine parts were built to last hundreds of thousands of miles and endure tough everyday use.

7.3 Powerstroke Performance Parts

Dead Head Diesel’s curated list of 7.3 Powerstroke performance parts, part descriptions, part numbers, links to buy parts and upgrades. As well as a link to the comprehensive article I’ve written about the part, what it does, and how to remove and replace it—”Instructions” Buttons

7.3 Part Name

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7.3 Fit/Part Number

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7.3 CPS(OEM Blue)

Camshaft Position Sensor

Cam Position Sensor 7.3 - Blue

F4TZ-12K073-C – (Blue)


7.3 CPS(OEM Grey)

Camshaft Position Sensor

Cam Position Sensor 7.3 - Grey

F7TZ-12K073-B – (Grey)

7.3 CPS Grey

7.3 EBP(OEM)

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

(97-03) DPFE34C3Z-9J460-A, 4C3Z-9J460-AA

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

7.3 EBP Tube

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Tube

7.3 Exhaust Tube

(99-03) 1C3Z-9D477-AA

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Tube

7.3 EOT Sensor (99-03)

7.3 Engine Oil Temp Sensor


(99-03) F5AZ12A648AB, 3F1Z12A648A, DY961, DY1144,AP63436


7.3 Fuel Bowl

7.3 Fuel Filter Housing

7.3 Fuel Bowl


(99-03) F81Z9155AC

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7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve (Aftermarket)

Fuel Bowl Water Separator Valve

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

Dorman 904-202

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve (OEM)

Fuel Bowl Water Separator Valve

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

(99-03) F81Z-9A153-AA

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

7.3 Fuel Bowl Heater(Aftermarket)

Fuel Filter Heater Element

7.3 Fuel Bowl Heater

Dorman 904-210(94-03) F81Z-9J294-AAF5TZ-9J294-A(IH) 1825186C91(IH) 1831196C92

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Rebuild Kit(Aftermarket)

Fuel Bowl Drain Viton Reseal Kit




7.3 Fuel Filter(OEM 95-97)

Ford 7.3 Diesel Fuel Filter


(95-97 )FD4595


7.3 Fuel Filter(OEM 98-03)

Ford 7.3 Diesel Fuel Filter

7.3 Powerstroke Fuel Filter

(98-03 )FD4596

7.3 Fuel Bowl Drain Valve

7.3 PowerstrokeFuel Line Seals

Fuel Line Crush Washers


F81Z-9C387-BA (99-03)


7.3 FPR

Fuel Pressure Regulator/Relief






7.3 Fuel Pump


7.3 Glow Plugs





High Pressure Oil Pump


34-60010 R



7.3 HPOPFittings

High Pressure Oil Fittings at Pump




7.3 High PressureFittings

Oil Line Fittings at Cylinder Heads




7.3 HPOP Fittings &Drain Plug O-ring Kit

Oil Line Fittings & Drain Plug O-rings




7.3 HPOP Lines


F81Z-9J323-E (94-03)


7.3 HPOP Reservoir Top Cap Gasket

HPOP Reservoir Top Gasket


YC3Z-6619-BA (99.5-03)


7.3 HPOPMounting Gasket

HPOP Mounting Gasket


F6TZ9417AA (96-03)


7.3 ICP

Injection Control Pressure Sensor


F4TZ-9F838-A (94/95)F6TZ-9F838-A (96-03)(IH/Nav) (94/95) 1830669C92(IH/Nav) (96-up) 1807329C92


7.3 ICP Pigtail

Injection Control Pressure Wire Harness Connector (Works on EBPV as well)


5C3Z-12224-A (94-03)(IH/Nav) 1832022C92


7.3 Injectors


7.3 IPR OEM (94-95)

Injection Pressure Regulator


(94-95) CM-5112

F4TZ-9C968-C (Engine #187099 and before)F4TZ9C968C superseded by 2C3Z9C968BA

(IH) 1824982C91


7.3 IPR(OEM 96-03)

Injection Pressure Regulator

7.3 IPR Valve - Injection Pressure Regulator Sensor

(96-03) CM-5013

F81Z-9C968-AA, F81Z-9C968-AB (Engine #187100 and later) (IH) 1833798C91

7.3 IPR Valve - Injection Pressure Regulator Sensor

7.3 IPR Pigtail

7.3 IPR Connector

7.3 IPR Pigtail

Alliant Power – AP0068, OEM – 6E7Z-12A690-DA

7.3 IPR Valve Pigtail

7.3 Oil 15W-40


7.3 Oil 5W-40 SYN


7.3 Oil Cooler


7.3 Oil Filter(OEM)

Engine Oil Filter




7.3 PCM


7.3 Starter

7.3 High Torque Starter

7.3 Powerstroke High Torque Starter Upgrade

228000-8420, F4TZ11002A

7.3 Powerstroke Starter Upgrade

7.3 Water Pumps

Powerstroke water pumps – OEM, Gates, Airtex

7.3 Water Pumps

F81Z-8501-FA, PW455

7.3 Powerstroke Water Pump
7.3 Cam Position Sensor (CPS)

Finding the “Right” 7.3 Powerstroke Parts

But despite its legend for longevity, to keep your 7.3 diesel motor at peak performance, you’ll still need to replace a few parts over the course of its lifetime.

Using quality OEM and aftermarket replacement and upgrade parts your truck will last that “hundreds of thousands of miles” you keep hearing about.

But whichever one you choose to do — install new stock parts or bolt on performance parts upgrades — finding OEM and aftermarket parts that perform doesn’t have to bankrupt you.

Reliability… That’s what we’re after.

Not all off us want to get the maximum performance from our 7.3. Many of us are happy when our truck starts and runs all day long—does its job.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find links to all of the 7.3 Powerstroke performance parts and upgrades that I’ve either used on my own truck or researched and reviewed here on Dead Head Diesel.

7.3 Parts – Selection Criteria

How parts make it on this list:

I test the parts on my own 2002 7.3 Powerstroke…

Most of the parts I recommend to you, I’ve already purchased and installed on my 2002 Ford F250 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. My definition of a quality part you should use on your 7.3 is one that installs correctly and performs the way it’s supposed to … for a long time.

I do the research for you…

You’ll get the benefit of all the research I conduct on OEM and aftermarket parts.

I dedicate an average of 5-10 hours on each 7.3 part type:

  • Researching and compiling information
  • Reading and analyzing parts reviews
  • Writing my own 7.3 parts review and how-to articles
  • Compiling parts data like part numbers and torque values
  • And writing up detailed, how-to remove and replace, instruction articles

I try to do the legwork that I know you’d do if you had the time.

I scour the reviews…

I read all the available parts reviews for you, paying particular attention to any reviews below 3 stars as well as how many “3-word” reviews there are. Because some bad reviews aren’t necessarily about the part and some 5 star reviews aren’t all that useful either.

I only show you the “best” part…

The way I choose parts for my own truck is likely the way you do:

  1. Will the part fit my truck?
  2. Will it function over time?
  3. Can I afford it?
  4. Is there an aftermarket alternative that’s less expensive than OEM?

I select a part for you that has the best mix of quality, price, review rating, and performance. 

I try to make it easy…

Once I approve a part to be on my list, I gather all the information I can and present it to you in an easy and accessible format.

All individual 7.3 parts pages and my “7.3 Parts List” contain:

  • Main and alternative part descriptions
  • A high resolution image of the part
  • OEM and aftermarket (AM) part numbers
  • A clear button or link to buy the part