EBP Sensor - 7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Solutions

The EBP - 7.3 exhaust back pressure sensor - measures your diesel's exhaust back pressure, especially in cold weather.

Seems self explanatory, but that allows the PCM - powertrain control module - to better manage 7.3 MPG and your diesel engine's overall performance.

Let's take a closer look...

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

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7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

7.3 L Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

First off, what is exhaust back pressure and why should you care?

Well, the good folks over at Road and Track have an article on that very subject. And then there's this video explaining the difference between exhaust back pressure and scavenging:

Or if you really need help falling asleep, you could read this DieselNet article.

But to sum it up, an exhaust system that's too restrictive can reduce fuel economy and decrease your diesel's power.

Bottom line, excessive exhaust back pressure from a too-restrictive exhaust system is bad for diesel MPG and HP.

EBP Sensor 7.3 Powerstroke Function

7.3 EPB Sensor - Techno Terms

The EBP sensor on a 7.3 Powerstroke is a variable capacitor. The PCM supplies it with a 5-volt reference signal. In return, the 7.3 EBPS returns an analog voltage signal to indicate what pressure the exhaust manifold is operating at.

The PCM uses this sensor feedback to control the EBP valve, located at the base of the turbo.

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor - In driveway mechanic-speak

The Ford exhaust back pressure sensor 7.3 measures exhaust pressure.

The PCM reads this data and uses it to control the amount of turbo boost. To control turbo boost, the PCM tells the EBPV - exhaust back pressure VALVE when to open and close.

This reduces or increases exhaust back pressure, depending on what your Diesel engine needs.

7.3 EBPS is NOT the 7.3 EBPV

Don't confuse the 7.3's EBP SENSOR - a sensor (measurement part) located in front of the 7.3 HPOP Reservoir - with the 7.3 EBPV - a valve (control part) located at the base of the turbo.

7.3 Powerstroke EBP Sensor Operation

For example, if the EBP valve gets stuck shut and you try accelerate, your 7.3 diesel's EBPS will read that the exhaust back pressure is too high.

High pressure increases EGT - exhaust gas temperatures - and high heat is the enemy of all engines. So the PCM opens the EBPV, reduces turbo boost, and "defuels" your engine to protect it.

Defueling is essentially reducing fuel flow. And because less fuel = less heat, if you take away fuel -"defuel"- EGTs drop.


An open or short in the 7.3 exhaust back pressure sensor wiring will cause the PCM to read out-of-range low voltage and put the EBPV into a sort of default mode, potentially causing poor 7.3 MPG and loss of horsepower.

7.3 Powerstroke EBP Sensor Location

EBP Sensor 7.3 Location

The 7.3 exhaust back pressure sensor and the tube running to the exhaust manifold are located in front of your 7.3 HPOP - high pressure oil pump - reservoir.

EBP Sensor 7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

It's probably easier to show you the location on a video...

7.3 EBP sensor Location Video

7.3 EBP Sensor Symptoms

7.3 Powerstroke EBP Sensor Symptoms

Here's a great article on exhaust back pressure symptoms.

Some of the more common 7.3 Powerstroke EBP Sensor Symptoms are:

DTC of P0470 - A diagnostic trouble code of P0470 could mean an exhaust back pressure malfunction. This can be caused by a bad 7.3 EBP sensor, a malfunctioning PCM, or a damaged wiring harness connector to your 7.3 EBP.

A noticeable decrease in 7.3 MPG and/or HP. A bad EBP sensor can also contribute to poor diesel MPG as the PCM can't determine how much fuel it should send based on the engine's operating conditions.

Rough idle until the engine warms up.

More 7.3 Powerstroke EBP Sensor Problems

If your 7.3 EPB sensor's bad or malfunctioning, it can cause sluggish performance. A bad EPB 7.3 sensor can cause sluggish performance buy telling the exhaust back pressure valve at the turbo outlet to close at times that it should not close.

7.3 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Delete?

If your 7.3 Powerstroke is...

7.3 EBP Sensor Part Numbers

1997 to 2003 7.3 EBP Sensor Part Number

DPFE3 (Motorcraft), 4C3Z-9J460-A (Ford) Amazon links

7.3 Exhaust Tube

1997 to 2003 7.3 EBP Tube Part Number



7.3 Exhaust Tube


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7.3 EBP Torque Value

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